Dear Readers-

  As you know congress want to pass alone the Fairness Doctrine quickly  to curb or end viewpoints of those who disagree with the administration’s  opinion of the issues.  This idea is damaging at best and goes against our nation’s best interests.

  In this writer’s opinion, this is SOCIALIST at best and has to be stopped! Where in our constitution dose it say that people  do not have the freedom to opinions?  Why can’t I listen to conservative talk radio or watch it on television? The same goes for Catholic radio.  So, “if the administration can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” as Pres. Truman once said.

  What is next, the government telling you were to travel, what to eat, can’t own a gun to protect yourself in your own home or need a passport to go county to county? If the Fairness Doctrine passes, this will open the flood gates to other dangerous ideas by the administration. As a conservative Democrat, I feel we have a U.S. Constitution and we have to follow that. Not go with creeping Socialism that will wreak our nation!

Robert 2


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