“This is It Folks, the Moment Of Truth.”



   Obama is now the 44Th President of the United States. There is much to be  expected from him as the first black to hold that office. Can he do the job? The honeymoon has been over for three months and  time will only tell in this writer’s opinion. I hope to be proven wrong.

   He has a lot to tackle in his first year in office. The  economy that has gone negative again today  in what seem to be a regular problem. What can be done about this?

   I am not a professional  economist,  but I read books that say we have  to work at top down. That is, generate money at the banking levels and markets to the people in loans.  That money is reinvested into other money into loans that people use to borrow and buy things.  That is our our great country works.

  We have to get rid of the so called free trade agreements or regulate them to make a even playing  field between us and  Red China for example. There is not such at the moment. The country of China can flood us with goods but we can’t sell cars there. What is wrong with this picture?

  Finally, get back into the slogan of BUY AMERICAN AGAIN! Start by reinventing Iron,  factories, and put people back to work. Perhaps by tax breaks for big business to hire Americans and to build plants here such as Electro Motives and the General Electric Company back from Europe?

   As mentioned  before, there is  much expected from the 44Th president. The economy, Jobs, free trade agreements are just some of the problems he must  tackle. In this writer’s opinion, I hope some good comes out of this.  Hopefully  because Obama can do the job, not because he is Black and the reason the Democratic liberals have him in there.

Robert Jones


ABOUT Robert L. Jones And His Senate Bid.

                                ABOUT THE WEB MASTER

  I have been a Democrat for over 30 years.   I lived in the Chicago Southwest side. Home of Illinois Third Congressional District Congressman Dan Lipinski. This is the most conservative district in Illinois that is Democratic.

   I was a Delegate for Sen. Joe Lieberman for President,  candidate for County board, and Democrat election Judge. Vice Chairman for my township party organization and secretary.  I also helped in the elections of Congressman Bill Lipinski and Mayor Richard  Daley.

   I am proud to be a Democrat, represent my party and be a  patriot when it means to defend our great nation. I will however break from the party if the issues dose not agree with me  or of my neighbors. I consider myself to be a Roosevelt Democrat.

About My Senate Bid:

 Like you, I am very concerned regarding the country and how things are going today. Jobs lose at a bundle, banking and automotive business moving out of the country, and the losing it way. I will not hold punches or try to candy coat the issues. I believe in being up front to you, the voters.

   I  feel this great nation  has lost it way in values with the problem of moral decay and not having God in in their lives everyday. I believe that Abortion for example has no place in society today. I disagree with President Obama on taxpayer money for stem cell research. Murder of a human life is just that! I believe adult stem cell is better. Taking cells from spinal taps and using that.

Finally, I  will not hit you on heavy stats or double talk. Once again I believe in straght talk  on the issues we face today.  My platform is very easy called the  “Three R’S .” They go as follows:


R– Reinvent our nation: As your new senator, Regulate of end the free trade agreements that have put us into a third class nation class. This I mean very low wages, lost of jobs to over seas countries, and union bustng.

I believe we need to have TAX CUTS across the board and give business incentives to have a business here. This will create jobs, create health insurance for people, and if people like unionize if need be. Rebates or incentive to have new machines or upstart a business that will add to the nation.

R– Respect. Win this war on terror! I believe 9-11-01 has to be finished. We have to have a first class military force and better control of the boards.  If your here illegal, out you go. If your a terrorist and illegal  criminal action, then out you go!


R-  Respect for God, Life, and America! I feel also feel that honest sportman and women have the rights to own a gun and defend their homes. Government has its duty toward us as taxpayers, but not get into people’s lifes.

Thank you,

Robert Jones










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Welcome Friends:

  This is the home of the REAGAN DEMOCRATS. Blue Dog Democrats of the party who believe in hard work, good values and paying our share of taxes. In other words, bringing common sense to America today! We  will work across the room with Republicans to get results just as Theodore Roosevelt,  F.D.R. , and Ronald Reagan did. This writer’s favorites.

  There are many problems that we have today. For example, winning  this war against terrorism,  illegal problems,  spending,  employment, and rebuilding of  the economy for all Americans. 

   We also believe that the laws passed by congress should be  followed and not added to.  In other words, layers on  layers on laws now in in the books  or  wasteful spending .  For example, laws passed by President Clinton in 1994 regarding Welfare reform  for example should be followed. Rights to bear arms,  strong boarders,  and no shelters for illegals! We as a whole  are pro-life Democrats also.

  As a Blue Dog Democrat, I believe that the states have rights over their own problems. Though the government has the duties to take care of us as taxpayers for example in war. I believe in good   government over all.  Feel  free to express your feelings on today’s issues. I  have only two rules: Be nice on the blog  and no spam please. It will be deleted.