Interesting news story from the Sunday Chicago Tribune on 9-11 A Decade Later. The Victims lost and those brave Firefighters and Police who went in to save them.  The new towers will have a memorial park and reflecting pond with the names of those lost that day. Plus hope to rebuild St. Nick Church lost that day as well. In this writer’s opinion, God rest and a tip of the hat  to you big time and those who want to continue progress against these dumb terrorist!

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Extreme abortion bills introduced in Illinois legislature

2467 bill repeal the Illinois parental notification of abortion act. Current Law requires a parent or legal guardian be notified when a minor seeks an abortion including a waiver for children physically or sexually abuse passed in 1995, but not implemented until 2013, by unanimous Illinois Supreme Court rule house and Senate bill for 1942 repeals current state bans on partial-birth abortions, abortions as a fundamental right, removes abortion clinics from regulations or serious medical procedures, and removes the requirement that doctors only you can perform abortions please see www Il catholic.org the see how you can sign up and tell your state senator and state representative here in Illinois do not pass these dangerous bills.

Two congressmen plan to put together a bill called animal cruelty and torture pack

Two congressman from Florida  a Democrat and Vern Buchanan Republican are putting together a bill called the animal cruelty and protection pact that will make a felony for torturing drowning or hurting animals.  hopefully this bill of right now is getting some steam and hopefully they can get it right. Call your Congressman and Senator today and tell them to to get the job done and get the bill signed. Also support your local animal cruelty organization and don’t forget to adopt plenty of kitties or puppies that are available and in between plenty of them out there that need a good parent or two. For more information on this, see WGN. Com under animal cruelty protection bill thank you

Trump needs to get the money and build the wall

You may ask, why am I more building a wall? Well very simple we have to defend this country against terrorism. Little do we know that terrorism is rampant across the swirl. These terrorists are smart people. And they will try to get in as a poor Mexican migrant into our country through the southern border then you’ll have another 9/11 occur. Each according to the Epic newspaper terrorists are caught at the border on a regular basis. So far they’re doing a good job but can’t do it all we need the wall and we need better security there then we’ll we’ll see if Trump is correct or not. I believe he is don’t be fooled people. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are playing the American people including the federal workers against his presidency so I can get one of their own radical liberals in the 2020 that’s what our opinion this year

New York Governor Applause for abortion.

Dear readers, as we know Governor Cuomo just signed into law and applauded in a full term abortion law which means abortions can occur up to birth which I heard includes giving them Lethal Injections and then delivering the baby dead this is definitely a travesty. Hopefully this morning will be challenged in the Supreme Court is unconstitutional? I believe there is a partial birth abortion ban in effect in the u.s. in the Constitutional states that but it’s up for the Supreme Court to decide and I hope that it gets challenged and feedback and finally we can get rid of Governor Cuomo and others like him. Leave a chilling feeling alone the rest of us.


Hello! Been away for a  while but now back to write about the issues in the world . Very troubling the story about McDonald and how they handle their chickens. See the sad video that is on television to see why and e-mail or  call them! As” God’s managers, ” it our duty to watch out for what he puts here including animals of all sorts.

I am upset and hurt by this. This is a  place that should know better and take care not to bring a bad rap on themselves. I hope soon this will change for the better and set a guideline to everyone   Call them or e-mail them today. They will be glad  people are on top of things.